The company "Georgia`s Natural" is a new member of the Georgian Distributors Business Association!

The Georgian company "Georgia's Natural" is known as a globally recognized brand in the organic industry market. The company's products, which started operating in the 1990s, are now exported to dozens of countries: the USA, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Italy, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Spain, Hungary, Canada, China, the United Arab Emirates. Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Latvia, Australia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, South Africa, Fiji Islands, Cyprus, Trinidad.

Georgia's Natural began producing and exporting an organic product with pomegranate juice in the 2000s. As a result of 20 years of non-stop work, study of the international market, adoption of modern technologies and introduction of organic engineering, they managed to expand the production, the products were diversified and they were placed on the counters of supermarkets and hospitality facilities in about 40 countries.

"Georgia's Natural" has two enterprises in Georgia (Tbilisi and Kvareli) and has planted a diversified organic garden on an area of 300 hectare with 15 different types of fruit berries and walnut seedlings. About 250 people are employed in the company.

Currently, the brand "Georgia's Natural" is represented in several hypermarkets in Georgia, and most importantly, the company has opened "organic bars" in several cities of Georgia, where only healthy and organic products can be purchased.

From the day of its establishment to the present, "Georgia's Natural" achieves success with innovative methods, has challenges that it is not afraid of and tries to overcome them with work, development and care for each other.

The company's goal is to form a knowledgeable "organic product" consumer segment in Georgia, which will make the best choice. And the company will create innovative and exclusive recipes for them and share the most trending directions of the "global organic market".

At this stage, organic products have a small number of consumers in Georgia, however, the team of "Georgia`s Natural" expects that public awareness will increase in Georgia as well as in developed countries.

"Georgia's Natural" is created for people who:

Those who deserve the best, who are always working and developing. He who creates and is the creator. Has achievements and victories. He cares about himself and the people around him. has social responsibility towards the environment and the future.