Vocational Training Program – ‘Distribution in trade facilities’ is designed for those who have at least a basic education and want to continue their professional activities in the field of trade. During the 8 weeks of training, students will undergo theoretical and practical training at the Georgian Business Academy-SBA Ltd., where they will receive modern knowledge and skills from experts of the field. For the next 4 weeks, the practical component of the program will be implemented in the GDBA member companies, whose activities are related to food, carbonated, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco, so-called "chemistry", building materials, furniture, trade / distribution of household items, toys, pharmaceuticals and other goods.

The teaching process will be conducted using interactive and practical working methods. Students will gain the knowledge needed for professional activities through situational exercises and practical examples and develop relevant skills. Students will be assessed both in the theoretical and practical components, as well as in the process of completing specific tasks. These teaching and assessment methods ensure training of highly qualified personnel and increase employment opportunities.