Staff - Distribution in trade facilities



Name, Surname



Communication with Clients

Leila Giorgobiani

Philologist, teacher of office affairs, with experience of teaching interpersonal communication

Tea Maisuradze

Doctor of Philology, teacher of Georgian Language and Literature, with experience of teaching Interpersonal Communication


Professional Communication (terminology)

Nia Gugunava

Bachelor of Philology (English), Master of Education, with teaching experience

Natia Lavrelashvili

Academic degree of English language translator-referent, with teaching experience

Eteri Gavashelishvili

Bachelor of Philology (English language), Master of Education Administration, with teaching experience


Marketing and Merchandising

Lasha Lomauri

Bachelor of Engineering, with experience in sales and merchandising

Aleksandre Svanidze

Master of Finances and Banking, with experience in sales and merchandising


Cash and non-cash payments


Giuli Gurgenidze

Economist, Finance, Specializing in Banking and Taxation, with teaching experience of Banking

Tea Nadirashvili

Economist, with experience in teaching banking and financial services

Marine Gvritishvili

Master of Business Administration, with experience in banking and teaching



Tite Bolkvadze

Master of Tax and Customs Affairs, with experience of working in the customs system of the Ministry of Finance, experience in leadership of the logistics service, implementation of logistics processes and training

Vakhtang Bogvelishvili

Doctor of Engineering (Transport Management), with teaching experience


Creating primary accounting documents; Summarizing financial information

Darejan Kvatashidze

Economist with thirty years of working and teaching experience

Ia Oboladze

Bachelor of Economics and Business Management with work and teaching experience in accounting


Office Programms

Manana Katsiashvili

Engineer-economist with experience of teaching information technology

Lasha Iashvili

Doctor of Instrumentation, Automation and Management Systems, with experience in working as a teacher of information technology