The documents to be submitted by applicants for registration:

A) personal (in case of a minor - his / her legal representative)


B) completed form;

C) A copy of the applicant's ID card (along with the original, the original will be returned to the applicant after registration);

D) in the case of a minor – the copy of the ID card of his / her legal representative and a copy of the document confirming the representative (birth certificate or

A power of attorney issued by a parent or a document certifying guardianship


E) in accordance with the prerequisites for enrollment to the program – certificate of basic education or higher level or a notarized copy of it.

If the original is submitted, the association retains the copy and the original

returns the applicant;

F) a person who has been educated abroad must submit a document of recognizing education;

G) a person who has received education in the occupied territories must submit a document of recognizing  education;

H) two photos;

I) language certificate in which the program is implemented. For example

School/university diploma or certificate, document for passing the Georgian language exam.

Otherwise the person is tested by the association. If this is not confirmed, the person cannot be enrolled for the program;

J) a copy of the driving license (together with the original. The original will be returned to the applicant as soon as the documents are received);