Company " Reneco " is a member of the Georgian Distributors Business Association!

"Reneco" is a leading distribution company in the field of agro-industry, whose history began with the discovery of outstanding producers and special farms on a global scale, which preserves endemic varieties and unique types of product characteristics in the region. By combining these discoveries, the company created an organized hub that made historical food cultures relevant and transformed them into progressive brands.

The company's logistics system includes an organized warehouse and flexible distribution infrastructure, which provides innovative services to all chain supermarkets across the country, and creates an outstanding holistic experience for customers, with bundled hygiene standards, visual representation, modern service and marketing communication.

 Brands: Agrofy, Solaris, Granini, Khomli, Baskin Robbins, My Stock.

Partners: Agrohub, Goodwill, Carrefour Georgia, Nikora, Fresco, Universami, Spar Georgia, Europroduct, Way Mart, Zgapari, Magniti, Madagoni, Ori Nabiji, Jibe, PSP Pharmacy, Aversi and etc.…

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