“Bebos Lavashi” is a new member of the Georgian Distributors Business Association!

"Liga+" LLC, known to customers by its brand name "Bebos Lavashi", is one of the successful companies in the Georgian market.

Since 2014, a small family business has become the leader of the Georgian market today.

The products of "Liga+" LLC are fully produced in Georgia. "Bebos Lavashi" is  100% Georgian product.

The company's mission is to produce the highest quality food products and provide the population with healthy, local products. Also, to promote the professional advancement of employees.

The company not only produces the product but also supplies it to stores (distribution).

 165 employees are employed in our company, of which in distribution30 employees-distributors are employed.

 The company's goal is to fully meet the existing requirements of customers Satisfying and supplying all regions of Georgia with products. Creating the best conditions for employees. Keeping the leading position in the market, Offering innovations such as a variety of assortments.