Regarding establishing a special traffic regime in Tbilisi


GDBA organized a working meeting with representatives of Transport and Urban Development Agency of Tbilisi City Hall.


Due to the high interest of the distribution and retail sector, the issue of regulation on the establishment of a special traffic regime was discussed at the meeting.


The planned regulation, which involves limiting the movement of oversized vehicles in the morning and evening, has a significant impact on the activities of companies and their employees.


It is important that the regulation is adopted in such a way as to avoid the emerging threats.


Georgian Distributors Business associations and Retail associations will provide detailed information to the Tbilisi City Hall, which will help to resolve the issue in such a way that the goal of the regulation is implemented without negative consequences.


It is important and worth emphasizing that the readiness of the Transport and Urban Development Agency of the Tbilisi City Hall to consider the positions presented by the parties and to continue discussions in a working format within the framework of mutual cooperation.


The meeting was held with the support of "Aptos", a member company of the association.