GDBA - taking into account the high interests of the striking employees and the company, the association, in order to reach an agreement between the parties, in order to protect the interests of the parties, decided to be the guarantor of the proposals/offers announced by the company.

The association conducted relevant negotiations with the partners of "Sairme Mineral Waters" LLC, in order to mobilize financial assets in order to first of all pay salaries to the employees, which arose after the start of the strike and at the same time the demands of the striking employees were met as much as possible.

Proposal for employees:

  • Salary increase - 22.5%; (A 30% increase was requested)
  • 30% increase in the salary of the person employed in the required position and consent to the hiring of additional personnel; (completely satisfied)
  • Consent to increase the cost of services by 22.5% in the relationship with the company's service entrepreneur entity, which does not belong to the labor legal relationship.
  • Overtime pay with 25% additional pay and overtime pay on holidays.
  • In accordance with the percentage rate of inflation through annual indexation, the salary increase is at least 2% - 5%.
  • 300 GEL additional to each striking employee on strike days.

According to Article 64, Part 7 of the "Georgian Labor Code", during a strike, the employer is not obliged to pay the employee wages, but due to the fact that it was important for the socio-economic condition of the striking employees, a decision was made to pay the amount directly under the responsibility of the association. If the parties reach an agreement.

Unfortunately, despite the submitted proposals, an agreement could not be reached between the striking employees and the employer, the enterprise is being blocked by groups of individuals.

Since the actions carried out by the groups of persons go beyond the actions permitted by law, the association made a decision to separate from the current processes and to provide assistance to the company, in relation to the buyers, in order to avoid fines taken into account in the contract due to non-fulfillment of obligations, due to the fact that the "Sairme" factory is being blocked and the company cannot function at full capacity.

We hope that an agreement will be reached between the striking employees and the company in the near future, in order to avoid the damage that will be done to the company, to the striking and non-striking employees, by stopping the production process.