Arbitration - Mediation - an alternative to resolving disputes in the relationship between the retail sector (Large retail chain facilities) and suppliers.

Organized by the Georgian Distributors' Business Association and with the participation of the Georgian Banking Association and the Georgian Retail Association, an extended meeting was held with the participation of the Association's member companies and representatives of the retail sector (Large retail chain facilities).

The event featured a presentation by Sergi Jorbenadze, Managing Partner of JG Counselor, on the use of arbitration and mediation in cross-sectoral relations as a mechanism for resolving disputes quickly and effectively, including the use of arbitration in relations with Spar franchise entities. An agreement was reached with the representatives of JSC "Foodmart".

 The event was held in the conference hall of the central office of the member company "APTOS". GDBA-Association thanks APTOS for its support.