The Chamber of commerce and Industry organized working meeting with the business sector involved in vocational education within the framework of German International Community (GIZ) project.

During the meeting, the president of the Georgian Distributors Business Association informed the participants about the results of the professional training program - : “Distribution in Trade Facilities”, successful cases and challenges in the regard.  

“Involvement of the private sector in vocational education significantly increases the degree of compliance of the educational programs with the requirements of the labor markets, which in the short time creates opportunities for career development of the qualified staff. However, the challenge for the labor market today is the imbalance between the demand the supply of the qualified staff, which is caused by the low interest of the seeking vocational training. The state should use all opportunities to promote vocational training and retraining programs and outcomes. It is important for the business sector to provide professionally trained staff to the local labor market though professional training by the business sector instead of employment in the alternative sector of the working layer of our society abroad, “said Iva Chkonia, President of the Distributors Business Association.