The  memorandum signed between theGeorgian Distributors Business Association and the UK-Georgian Trade Hub, theparties will facilitate the export of Georgian products to the UK.

"Brexit has created challenges for European countries, big changeshave taken place, tariffs increased and also, increased demand for product. Atrade agreement between Georgia and the UK was signed before Brexit, therefore,Georgian businessmen have access to the UK market, and within the UGTH hub, wehave simplified this process. One aspect of the hub is not only to bring the product to the UK, but alsoto take care of its logistics. - Jacob Schumacher, UGTH Business DevelopmentDirector.


"We signed a memorandum with UGTH to help Georgian producers to findan easy way to enter the UK market. Producing in Georgia is interesting whenyou export your products and when Brexit gives you a great opportunity, now isthe time for Georgian producers to establish themselves in the UK market withtheir quality products”, - Iva Chkonia, the President of GDBA.