Hennessey X.O. celebrates 150 years!

French cognac company Hennessey isrepresented in more than 160 countries around the world. Among them is Georgia,where the exclusive distributor of the brand is a member of GDBA – GD Alco.

The special jubilee edition wasdedicated to overcoming the pandemic crisis. The event was closed with theinstallation of Chinese artist – Tsai Goa Chong.

Hennessey X.O. Is the first blend to gaininternational recognition. As a result,  X.O. Classification was developed as a measureof quality. Today, the largest producer of cognac produces more than 40% of theworld's cognac.

"Hennessey X.O. is especially good todrink and has a particularly good aroma. It stands out and makes you want tofeel the colors of the world even more, ”said Iva Chkonia, President of theGeorgian Distributors’ Business Association.