The liabilities of the hotel sector towards the distribution sectorare about 25 million GEL.

Shalva Alaverdashvili, co-founderof "Georgian Federation of Hotels and Restaurants, and Iva Chkonia,president of "Georgian Distributors Business Association", aired onTV1.

Due to the situation caused bythe coronavirus, the liabilities of the hotel sector towards the distributionsector are about 25 million GEL. Added to this, bank liabilities complicate thefunctioning of both sectors.

"Horeca is one of our mosttrusted and solid partners. The harm caused by the coronavirus to the Horecasector, hotels, restaurants, cafes, has caused very serious damage to us aswell. Distribution companies - importers and manufacturers - are an integralpart of the tourism sector. The horeca sector does not exist withoutdistribution. That is why our strong partnership is very important" - saidIva Chkonia. 


The Georgian Distributors' Business Association, along with fourbusiness associations, submitted recommendations to the government in April toprevent an economic crisis, including a six-month suspension of income tax anda deferral of VAT after the sale of goods. According to Iva Chkonia, thementioned requirements were not taken into account by the staterecommendations.

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