Libogroup Distribution Company joined the Georgian Distributors Business Association

Libo Group is a one of the leading distributor companies in wholesale business. It carries out the distribution of consumer`s and hygiene products both on the entire territory of Georgia, as well as outside its borders. 

Libo Group cooperates with various partner companies whose products are the leading brands of the world market. Among these are companies such as: Ontex Global, Slobozhanski Soap Boyler, Ergopack, Pakshoo Industrial Group, Sarantis.

Today Libo Group distributes major brands such as ა “Canbebe" "Canped" "Ave" "Carroten" "Shik" "Uti-puti"  “STR8” “Helen Harper” “Ruta” “Moment” “Voi”  and others.

GDBA wishes the company success locally as well as internationally.