Georgia has signed the Association Agreement with European Union and according to this agreement companies have to perform certain obligations and regulations. As there are many questions and problems connected to the understanding of these regulations, Georgian Distributors’ Business Association decided to held the workshops about the DCFTA regulations. The workshops are being hold during the partnership with CIPE (Center for International Private Enterprise).

Connected to the DCFTA, there are many issues that are unclear to the members of GDBA and these issues need clarification, especially when they are connected to the regulations. We divided our member companies into three categories according to their activities: importers and producers of 1. Food products; 2. Beverages; 3. Building materials. Because the regulations of DCFTA relates to different aspects to each category. The attendees had an opportunity to get the information about the more concrete issues and the real cases on the examples of the companies like them in Georgia.

The fisrt workshop with the food producers was held on October, 11. On the workshop the attendees were given the informational booklets of GDBA, which tells them about the services that the association offers.

As a speaker, GDBA invited Giorgi Chitadze, who was a head of implementation coordination department of the deep and comprehensive free trade areas (DCFTA). At the meeting, he informed our members about what part these regulations refer to them and how to develop their business within this agreement.