On July 7, the Georgian Business Academy (SBA) held a seminar on "The Importance of Labor Security, Legislative Reforms and Challenges for Small and Medium Enterprises" for Association Members. The seminar was conducted by the International Expert on Labor Law and Labor Safety, Mikheil Kordzakhia, who is working in accredited labor safety program.

To be reminded, the requirements of the Organic Law of Georgia on Labor Safety shall be mandatory for all entrepreneurial entities functioning in Georgia from September 1, 2011. Accordingly, the labor inspection in the country will be authorized to use the inspections and financial sanctions in the all workplaces. On the basis of Article 23 of the law on entrepreneurial subjects, which will not have a certified person of Labor Safety Accredited Program from September 1, the Labor inspection will use a warning for the first time, and then the penalty sanctions from 2000 to 14000 Gel, depended to the size and the annual turnovery of the company.